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How Do Sportsbooks Make Odds? A Bookie Tells All

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How Do Sportsbooks Make Odds? A Bookie Tells All

Date: 2021-08-31 00:49:57

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How do sportsbooks make odds? How does a bookie handle sharp action? Or steam chasers? Or angle shooters? What is the future of the US sports betting industry? A bookie tells all.

Captain Jack Andrews sat down with Adam Bjorn, who is one of the sharpest bookmakers in the world. He tells all about how he approaches booking sports bets. This is part two of two.

0:00 Previously in Part One
1:10 How Adam Treats Sharp Bettors
4:46 How Adam Treats Arbitrage Bettors
6:21 How Adam Handles Prop Bettors or Bonus Hustlers
7:28 How Adam Treats Steam Chasers & Stale Line Hunters
10:18 How Adam Handles Angle Shooters
12:50 The Best Thing in The US Market
13:52 The Worst Thing in The US Market
15:20 The Recreational Model
16:50 The Sharp Model
18:55 Betting Exchanges in the US Market?
20:33 The Future of the Offshore Betting Market
22:24 How to Contact Adam Bjorn

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